VT Legislative Session 2019!!

The Legislative Session 2019 that just ended in Montpelier
was one of the most productive and successful in Vermont Legislative History.

What follows are 32 of the Accomplishments for Vermonters
that took place in this Legislative Session of 2019

1- E Cigarettes Taxation, and raising the age
to 21
2- Water quality Bill. – Limits toxins
3- All sources of power “all fuels efficiency”
4- Childcare bill – $ 7.4 mil additional money
5- Substance Abuse- quicker ok’s from
6- Affordable Care Act – support
7- 24 hour waiting period on gun purchase
8- Rural Work Force Development Bill
9- Expand Broad Band across State $1.5 mil
plus additional $1.3 mil in new money
10- Help low income out of poverty 2 mil
11- Climate change action steps
12- Added $500 k to weatherization
13- Electric vehicle purchase by state –
added $2 million
14- Added 2.5 to the $3.5 million for
weatherization EV incentives $500 K
Park and Ride $2.5 mil
15- Efficiency VT – climate change major
16- Transmission line action
17- All Efficiency opportunities heating fuel
and gas
18- Clean Water –added $7.5 mil will set
aside$12 mil next
year 25% for other areas in state
19- Binding arbitration –protecting
firefighters and first responders
20- Burn Pits helping Vets exposed to toxic
21-Disposition of Veteran remains
22- 2mil increase for Reach Up participants
23- Lead remediation in schools
24- Ethnic Studies in school
25- Support for the State retirement
26- Acted on Racial Justice issues
27- Columbus Day changed to Indigenous
Peoples Day
28- Fair and impartial Policing
29- Gender Equality
30- Housing discrimination of victims of
Domestic Violence
31- Codifying Access To Abortion -here in
The State ofVermont
32- Single use Plastic bags Banned

And we will be acting quickly in January
on Family Leave and Minimum Wage!

List developed by Mitzi Johnson, Speaker of the House.