WCDC Action Plan 2023-2024

Windsor County Democratic Committee

2023-2024 Action Plan

The mission of the Windsor County Democratic Committee (WCDC) is to

  1. Support the Vermont Democratic Party (VDP) and
  2. Expand the base of Democratic voters in Windsor County.
  3. Encourage the growth of strong Town Democratic Committees. Town committees are the foundation of the county and state Democratic committees and strong town committees will strengthen the county committee, allowing for a solid information flow from leadership to membership. 
  4. Identify and develop strong candidates for elected positions at the town level, county level and state level who share our beliefs and values. 
  5. Develop programs within the county to support and uplift the Vermont Democratic Committee’s platform.

In order to work towards this mission statement, our 2023-2024 Action Plan includes:

  1. Actions to Support the Vermont Democratic Party (VDP):
    1. Act as a liaison between the VDP, county and town committees: ongoing communication.Elect people from WCDC to be committee members of the VDP: November 2023.Recruit people to participate in the platform writing process: summer 2024.
  2. Work with town committees to Grow the Base:
    1. Provide information to town committees on how to use local resources to identify new residents in each town – real estate records, voter registration records, etc.Provide information to town committees on how to reach out to these new residents – welcome pack which could contain information pertinent to each specific town, as well as regarding the town party and its members with contact information should they have any questions Provide training and support at the town level on how to reach out to Democrats and potential Democrats: July/Aug 2023 and then ongoing
  3. Grow Town Committees:
    1. Assess strengths and areas of need for each organized town committee: May, June 2023Provide support to existing committees based on assessed needs and willingness of committees to work on improvement: ongoingDevelop and share email lists and contact information – and share with the WCDC leadership so that a solid list of interested democrats can be identified at the county level. Develop email lists that can be shared with town chairs;Provide training in how to best use our Groups.io listserv: Dec 2023 Identify potential leaders in the 8 current unorganized Windsor County towns, and reach out to them – remembering that smaller towns can, in fact, merge with other towns to organize a joint committee. Organize 2 (or more) new town committees. Provide support for newly organized towns.Identify and promote a plan to involve more Democrats ages 18-48
  4. Identify and Support Democratic Candidates at the Town, County and State Levels
    1. Ensure that all town chairs and other officers are aware of this functionTrain town chairs on ways to support candidates
  5. Develop programs that promote the values and issues addressed in the VDP Platform
    1. Identify items in the platform and host forums or invite guest speakers to talk about those issues.Have short form of the Platform Available to folks, or provide the link to the platform itself.
  6. Raise money to support the above endeavors.
    1. Host at least one fund raising activity: June 2024Send out requests for donationsPromote Act Blue monthly Explore viability of online auction, supper, events
  7. Further refine WCDC budgeting and bookkeeping objectives
    1. Annual budget objectives by category — April 2023Monthly or quarterly reporting by category – April 2023