The Windsor County Dems!

It is the role of every citizen in a democracy to pay attention to and feel responsible for the directions and decisions being made by our governments, from local to county to state to national. When we don’t, we end up with bad leaders, and bad outcomes.

So our mission is to help elect Democrats here in our beautiful county of Windsor, Vermont.

First, we work to build a strong town-by-town presence of the Democratic Party. It all really starts house-by-house and voter-by-voter.

As Dems gather together across the county, we work hard to elect Democratic State Representatives and Senators, as well as Democratic state-wide positions like Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer and many more.

And although we are a tiny blip on the screen we remain focused and aware of the national issues as well. We always do what we can to help in any way that we can to move our nation towards a just and fair nation linked by the Rule of Law.

We hope you, as a citizen of Windsor County (plus a few sections outside of the county lines!), will join with your fellow Democrats to make our County, our State and our Nation the best we can be.

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