Report off our January 11th Meeting

We had an excellent meeting at historic Damon Hall last night despite the hint of freezing mist. We are Vermont tough! It was also great having our State Party Chair, Terje Anderson, down all the way from somewhere close to the Vermont-Quebec border. He took us all the way through the steps of how we end up with delegates to the National Convention – I won’t try to capture that here, but if any of you are interested in this level of commitment and activity you really must learn the ropes. I’ll be sharing some links, but if you are possibly interested 1) let your Town Chair know and 2) let me know and 3) make sure you vote in our primary on March 3rd. No vote – no play.

He also shared that there is a great training event coming up right here in River City (White River Jct, or Rio Blanco as I knew it in my youth) on February 1st – at the famous Hotel Coolidge.

From Terje’s note:

It is an excellent training program that is divided into 3 tracks — one for potential candidates, one for potential campaign managers/organizers, and one for party and other activists.   The whole thing is free, includes breakfast and lunch (and they pay for the whole thing). 

We’ve been promising to get activities scheduled away from Burlington/ Montpelier – so this is a great opportunity for Upper Valley folks to benefit from a top notch national training program.

Here’s a link to the sign-up page on the web:  

Do not miss this event if you are in one of those 3 groups defined above.

We have some great names for our two main sub-committees to get started: Communications and Events. Not too late to get your names in on either one. Go here for more on what these two committees mean:

I’m hoping a lot of this can happen without further driving. To that end we have two tools we are building, besides ye olde email. One is our soon-to-be-released forum project at – go check it out – and you can even subscribe from that page, although I’ll be sending everyone an invitation soon. Or go to to subscribe. It’s still mostly email-based – you would still use your current email address but it gives us tools to organize by topics, subgroups, hashtags, etc.

And secondly I’m going to try again to have a Communication SC meeting online using Zoom – if the numbers aren’t too big, it would be awesome.  Anyone on Events have access to Zoom? More later!

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