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Here’s where things stand on candidates’ visits to the Upper Valley as of this morning:


What: Dr. Alan Betts, Climatologist, will be speaking about the need to declare a climate emergency

When: Monday February 17th at 7 pm

Where: Stockbridge Town Hall

Dr. Betts lives in Rutland County and he’s been hard at work helping us identify solutions. We really value his work and would love to help him boost his efforts. We appreciate anything you can do to help.

From Hartland Town Committee member:

ROUGH DRAFT of ANNOUNCEMENT  (modified from announcement drafted by Sarah Wood for posting on Hartland  ListServ before we decided to not post on ListServ.)

As of this month, more than 1216 jurisdictions in 26 countries around the globe have declared a climate emergency and committed to action to drive down CO2 emissions.  The first was April 28, 2019 in Scotland; followed by a similar declaration in Wales on April 29 [https://climateemergencydeclaration.org/climate-emergency-declarations-cover-15-million-citizens/].

Several towns across Vermont are now working on climate emergency resolutions with Norwich and Burlington having passed resolutions this year.

A petition is circulating in Hartland to pass a resolution to declare a climate emergency in our town. 

This is not just a resolution, but an opportunity for us as a town to engage collaboratively to prepare for climate changes over time. By declaring a climate emergency, we are acknowledging that the pace at which we make changes needs to accelerate.

It is also an opportunity for us to mobilize by adapting our planning, systems, and community resources to build resilience and to identify vulnerabilities that may make members of our community more prone to the risks caused by global heating and increasingly more common extreme weather events. It is a chance for us as a community to become more engaged in climate conversations and learn from one another how to better prepare, mitigate, and adapt to changes in our towns, watersheds, forests and farms.

Many in Hartland sincerely want Hartland to not change.  This includes both native Vermonter and transplants.  To keep Hartland from changing because of the changing climate, we need to act now to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel and to build a new green economy that will benefit all residents.

Please take the time to read the declaration during Coffee Hour and sign the petition if you support this. Email brewsterscroft@vermontel.net for more.

Do you wish to be aware of the appearances of presidential candidates in
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