Meeting Announcements

The monthly meeting of the Windsor County Democratic Committee will be April 13th 7pm via Zoom.

Special Guest: Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman — the Lieutenant Governor will address the group as well as take your questions.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We will be having a more regular schedule of meeting online, but our one monthly meeting remains the 2nd Monday of every month. Our next monthly meeting is May 11.

Feb 17th

What: Dr. Alan Betts, Climatologist, will be speaking about the need to declare a climate emergency.

When: Monday February 17th at 7 pm

Where: Stockbridge Town Hall

Dr. Betts lives in Rutland County and he’s been hard at work helping us identify solutions. We really value his work and would love to help him boost his efforts. We appreciate anything you can do to help. 

Feb 18th

VT State House 

Description: On February 18th at 5pm the Vermont House is holding a public hearing on HB610. This bill includes provisions to strengthen our ERPO/Red Flag law by allowing law enforcement and families to petition a judge directly and to close the Charleston loophole. We expect a large turnout from the gun lobby and would love to have Gun Violence Prevention supporters to speak or just show up so our legislators know that a majority of Vermonters support common sense gun legislation. 

Feb 19th

Where:  Huntington House Restaurant, Rochester

Organizer: Lizzy Shackleford 

Description: Debate Watch Social!Quintown Democrats and friendsCome join Quintown neighbors to watch the 9th Democratic Primary Debate!

Where:  Huntington House Restaurant, Rochester   When:    Wednesday, Feb 19thTime:     7:30 pm until…

Feb 24

Where: Reading Town Hall

Organizer: Gina McAllister

Description: We’re holding an event in Reading on Monday, February 24th!  I’ve attached the postcard we sent out to all listed on the “Strong” and “Leaning” VAN list maintained by the Vermont Democratic Party for us — so it went to about 140 people.Our wonderful town has a new, officially organized and we’re excited to invite you to our first ahead of the March 3, 2020 primaries. Please mark your calendars and plan to join us! Reading Democratic Meet, Greet & Get out the Vote Gathering Town Committee Monday, February 24 | 5:30–7:30 PM Reading Town Hall | VT Route 106 | Reading Our keynote speaker will be Vermont Representative Charlie Kimbell, who will discuss many issues of key importance to Reading residents and take questions from our audience. He’ll be joined by other elected Windsor officials and 2020 candidates! Refreshments will be served. We’d love an RSVP to so we’ll know you’re coming. We can’t wait to see you on February 24th! Reading Democratic Town Committee c/o P.O. Box 125 Reading, VT 05062

Windsor County Democratic Dispatch

February 2, 2020

Guest Speaker Rebecca Holcombe, February 10

Hi All – So sorry for the gap but I think I was, like most of us, just dragged into the travesty of the Impeachment non-trial. It sucked up a lot of my time and drained my emotion. I’m sorry for our nation–but I am extremely proud of our Democratic Party throughout this entire process, including back to the start of the House session in January 2019. It makes it even clearer that we need to turn the Senate Blue as well!

Our next Windsor County Democratic Committee is February 10, 7pm at Damon Hall. We will be hearing from Democratic candidate for Governor Rebecca Holcombe, so help spread the word!


Here is the Agenda at this point:

  1. Roll call – last meeting we had 12 of 19 towns present.
  2. Review of the minutes from our January meeting. These are on — just click. We need to approve the December minutes as well.
  3. Financial report.
  4. Communications Sub-committee review
    • The WCD Dispatch via MailChimp – feedback, need for more email addresses, ideas for adding to what goes out
    • – feedback, frustrations, why we are even doing this – the concept of a forum/bulletin board.
    • Our website – again feedback, what could make it better, who would like to help?
  5. Events Sub-committee review
  6. Proposed change to By-laws:
  7. We have 
    • use their position with the Committee to promote any political campaign or candidate without the approval of the County Committee.”  OR
    • “WCDC Officers and State Committee Delegates and Alternates shall not use their position with WCDC to promote any political campaign or candidate without the approval of WCDC membership.”
    • Discussion, modification, yay or nay.
  8. WCD Committee – to – Vermont State Democratic Committee – to – DNC.
  9. Statement from Windsor County Dems regarding impeachment: “Be it resolved that the Windsor County Democratic Committee, representing 19 town Democratic Committees and many thousands of Democrats across our County, supports the Impeachment as voted by the House of Representatives, and encourages the Removal of Donald Trump as President of the United States by the US Senate based on the evidence so far presented and the additional evidence that is released each day. We stand united behind our Democratic Representatives and Senators, as well as those not listed as Democrats, and we encourage Republicans to stand up for the truth.” Discussion, modification, yay or nay.
  10. We welcome Rebecca Holcombe to our meeting to hear from her on her run for the Governorship of Vermont.

That’s it for this week,

Al Alessi, Chairman


 February 10, 7pm, Monthly meeting, Damon Hall, Hartland, VT
 March 3, Voting Day/Vermont Town Meeting Day


Hi All,

Our next meeting is Monday Night 12/9/2019. Damon Hall, Hartland @ 7pm, upstairs. The Agenda is as follows:

1.      Rollcall

2.      Minutes from our last meeting, November 25.

a.      This can be where we address that meeting. There are those who supported what took place and others that are not happy with the outcome. There are still some strong feelings on this so if you were part of the meeting please try to be there. 

3.      Financial Report — finally!

4.      Review of our Action Plan as established on the website

a.      Which of these are working?

b.      Which are not?

c.       What else can we consider? – there are Goals and there are Objectives — what steps do we take to reach our broader goals?

d.      To the degree GOTV is the measure of our success we have room to improve per 2018 results:

5.      Committees – Reports – I know, probably no reports ready but what should we be looking for? 

a.      Review existing committees vis a vis Action Plan

b.      How do people know where and how to plug in? New page on the website?

c.       Expanding our list of committed Dems – the tools we have to work with. Our full email list could be way larger – we’re under 200 for the entire County.  What does it mean to be a Democrat? What story can we tell and are we telling?

d.      Open discussion on possible new committees/sub-committees

 i.      Recent discussions on Regional meetings – North and South ends of Windsor County – action sub-committee for North and South?

 ii.       Plugging in State-wide and possibly nationally? Would we be ready, willing and able to join a mass protest in DC?     

6.      Review of electronic media options

a.      Web-site   Yes but room to improve – we voted money for it, but — and any others interested? 


b.      Community Bulletin Board/Forum like – Not yet – several asked for this – could make a huge difference in terms of our communications. This is a free one, but we’d need to pay $6 per month to have it hosted. 

c.       Who likes working on this end of the project?

7.      We may have a guest or two from Windham County Dems. John Hagen is the new chair and had some questions he shared with all county chairs. Here were his areas of interest and I thought I’d share with you – :

a.      County Committee Meetings : We are developing meeting protocols that allow delegates who are on Zoom and those in the meeting  room to seamlessly interact.  If anyone else is doing this, please share your secrets on effective meeting management.   Also, how are you engaging with your town committee chairs? 

b.      External  Communications:  We are using  “Windham Votes!’’ as our public logo for the next year.   We are still working on connecting our Facebook, website, Twitter, and Instagram, along with print media to build our strategic communications plan.  Does anyone have a comm plan they can share?

c.       Campaign Headquarters:  Instead of renting a storefront, we have been talking around the idea of a mobile campaign headquarters.  Think of a bookmobile or food truck only with lawn signs and campaign materials.  The idea is that from August and into November we go out on weekends to different fairs and farmers markets around the county and hand out signs, sign up volunteers, support candidate visits. etc.  Are there other good alternatives to the traditional rented office space? 

d.      Fundraising for County Activities: We are looking for creative and low key events that are part community engagement and part fundraiser. Any clever dance themes or fundraising ideas? 

Anything I missed or that you’d like me to include, let me know! Thoughts, suggestions, ideas, complaints, frustrations are all part of POLITICS — the way that people in groups make decisions.

Hi All!

October 24, 2019

I’m excited to be part of this wonderful group of Democrats from so many towns across our beautiful Windsor County. It is an exciting and troubling time. We have a mission, should we choose to accept it, locally, on the state level, nationally and to our entire planet. Our focus is local and state, of course, but never doubt that what we do in our sphere ripples up to our nation and our planet. I’m reminded of the Hobbits from the Shire, who preferred to raise goats, brew ale and tend their homes over involvement in the great struggles of Middle Earth, but the great struggles found them as these great struggles have found us. If we lose the Rule of Law, as countries like Russia clearly have, there is no guarantee we will live to ever see its return. We have taken it for granted, but no longer. 

Our mission is not going to seem like we’re fighting for the Rule of Law, but the Democratic Party is indeed the Party that supports the Rule of Law unequivocally. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect. Few are perfect. But as we discuss, agree, disagree, agree to disagree, work to improve, communicate with our legislators, and remain active in our communities we will strive to act with clarity, transparency, and a commitment to the concept of a democratic people being responsible for the betterment of their society.
Enough of all that, let’s get practical.

  1. I’m sending this to a pretty long list of email addresses I inherited from our long-time Chair Bill Kuch. It includes Delegates to the WCDC as elected by each town, Alternates, and officers for each town (Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Secretary), plus a lot of other addresses of Democrats wanting to be involved. 
  2. If you would not like to receive these missives, just send me an email and I’ll lop you off.
  3. As many of you know the WCDC is a Committee made up of Delegates who have voting privileges. Only some (tiny amount) of what we do at our monthly meetings is limited to voting by that select group of Delegates (and Alternates as needed), so do not feel the monthly meeting is not for you. A lot of what we do is getting the sense of the room, or asking questions of our legislators or state officers that come to visit, and creative discussions of what else we can do and/or should be doing. We have existing committees and sub-committees, and we can add new sub-committees as we choose. 
  4. Our next meeting is November 11, 7pm, Damon Hall in Hartland, where Route 5 sort of meets Route 12. If coming via I91 get off at Exit 9 and go N about a mile or two on Route 5. Great old building. 
  5. An agenda will be going out probably in a week. Let me know any suggestions. 
  6. Remember, there are also things you can do just right in your town with your Town Democratic Committee. Meet up and explore if you have not. If for some reason you do not know who your Town Chair or Vce-chair is, let me know. 
  7. Also let me know calendar events you’d like to see listed in this email newsletter.
  8. Make sure you visit (we’ll be updating that address sometime soon) as well as our Windsor County Democratic Committee Group and Page on Facebook. The webpage and the Facebook pages are both projects that can use some added help, so let me know if you’re drawn to that kind of work. Suggestions on the webpage always appreciated.
  9. I will be sending a note to town officers to double check the names and contact info. I’m not used to lists of names and email addresses hand-written, so I just want to double-check that everything is correct. 🙂

I look to see many of you on the 11th, hear from some of you via email or even phone, and have a great day Dems! You are an amazing group!

Al Alessi

WCDC Chair