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Q. Why do we have a Forum? (We call it a Bulletin Board as well).

A. It is difficult to manage lots of communications via e-mail, with Reply To or Reply to All, and it all becomes very hard to organize and categorize. Our Groups application lets you continue to use your current email, but it gives us a way to organize the responses by

  1. Topic — a Special Event, or a meeting for the Communications Sub-committee, or whatever.
  2. A higher level Topic called a Hashtag — so everything having to do with the Communications Sub-committee Group goes under a #CommunicationsSC — there might be 6 Topics under that heading.

Imagine looking at your supermarket bulleting board — if it’s well organized you might see headers like Apartments for Rent, Cars for Sale, Jobs Available. Those would be Hashtags (always preceded by the # symbol, so #Jobs). Under that section you might see several different Jobs listed — each of those would be a Topic.

3. You, as a user, can mute Topics and #Hashtags — things that don’t interest you can be ignored. We can send a Special Notice that goes to everyone, something we feel you all need to see, but everything else is muted.

4. You would still use your own email address, and you can choose to see All messages one-by-one, a Group of 12 (so one delivery for every 12 messages), a Daily Summary (seems like its around 8am every day), or you only want to see Special Notices. If you choose the latter you would need to go to the actual Groups page, which many find is the best way to view what’s going on.

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